Friday, March 4

Friday finds from Etsy

Sharing a few pretty things I've come across on Etsy.  Hands down my most favorite online way to shop. I have purchased some really lovely, fun, and unique things on really is wonderful!  Still so surprised when I meet people who have not heard of it!  Happy Friday!

a vintage floral cream and sugar set...

an adorably sweet, ceramic bird cupcake stand...

portrait silhouette invitations printed on linen cardstock...

a soft grey, personalized, market canvas tote...

beachy, bohemian, cotton gauze scarf...

a vintage milk glass compote (LOVE milk glass!)...

Pretty, right?  Does one stand out to you?

xoxo for now!


  1. Love all your finds Trish...but I'm lusting over that beachy, bohemian scarf.
    I'm going to have fun visiting all these new sites...thanks honey.
    I love your blog...just beautiful!

  2. I adore the scarf too! She also has a black one that has a tiny piece of leather attached so that you can loop the scarf's to die for!

  3. Welcome to blogging.... and I adore Etsy too. nothing like handmade.

  4. Love your Etsy choices here and happy to meet you thru Jacqueline. I can see what have another talented woman amongst us. Beautiful blog, enjoy! :)

    Jeanne xx

  5. These things are delish, Trish...even if only to look and lust over!

  6. You have a lovely blog here's so nice to meet "Master Jack's" mum, loved your sweet post about your dinner with him.
    And...I've been on a milk glass binge lately so that last image was a very pretty site to see, thank you...and happy blogging!
    xo Jessica~

  7. Thank-you kindly for the warm welcome! Clearly it is ladies like you who make blogging so fun. Wonderful to have you all here with me! ♥

  8. These are all so nice but I think my favorites are the adorable bird cupcake stand and the beautiful scarf!! Really like your blog!


love to read your thoughts!


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