Friday, August 26

holidays, baby!

The dog days of summer are coming to an end!

It is just wrong that it will be September next week! Like, really?  Does it feel that way for you too?  I know, I know, people as a whole are inclined to say 'well this summer just flew by", but for me, it really did this year.  Perhaps the late start on our warm and sunny weather had much to do with that?  It's just hard to believe that summer is coming to an end.
But! Enough complaining for me, because this girl is now officially on holidays!  And I have two wonderful weeks off and nowhere to go and nothing to do...oh, wait, that's right, I'm going to a little place called...


So, yep, I'm pretty excited!  Flying out next Tuesday, back the following Thursday, and then off to a pretty, local island called Galiano for my girlfriends wedding.  This is the wedding that I have been planning, that I have been pouring my time and love into.  Aside from a few details that Misty and I have gone over, she has left most of the planning up to me.  Which has been fun and overwhelming all at different times!  So it will be a surprise wedding of sorts.  I will share photos when I return! 
xoxo for now!

Monday, August 15

help me find a paint color?

images via

I have long wanted to paint the front door of our home, and finally
I am going to get on it! 
(insert husband's eye-rolling here as I've been saying this for years a bit, but between you and me, I really mean it!)
I adore the look of painted front doors, I love the instant charm and personality that little detail adds.

I remember years ago my Mother-in-Law painted her wooden front door a rich, shiny black and it looked absolutely beautiful. 

And so I'm tossing around colors at the moment. 
Originally, I had wanted to go with a red for the door, more of a raspberry red than say, a brick red.  But after pouring through magazines, paint decks, and searching on blogs, I'm now thinking a pretty, soft aqua like the last image could be lovely too.  I thought I may as well put it out there to the wonderful world of blogland, to see perhaps if any of you had a good color recommendation?  And if it helps, our home is painted a dark gray (weathervane by para paints).

Curious, is your front door painted? 

Friday, August 12

Friday finds from Etsy

oh, i want this armchair for the lake house!
(ok, i so don't have a lake house, but if i did, i would want this!)

i love me some gray and white stripes!  a classic messenger bag

'paris is a feeling' photograph!  i agree!

look at this guy!  the fact that someone created this with
their hands and some wool amazes me, truly!

because i would share with you!

happy friday, happy weekend guys!

xoxo for now!

Monday, August 8

I am pinwheel happy!

Yep, completely pinwheel happy!  They make me smile.
And if they whirl, well, even better.

I've ordered paper pinwheels for the upcoming wedding, one for each of the 9 children that will be there, and I was searching ways to display them when I came across all the delightful images from above.  I hope that they will be a hit with the kids!  Still am not sure how to have them displayed up until the children run up to take one...maybe just in a simple, galvanized bucket as a centerpiece at the kids table?  Or perhaps not unlike image 4, dividing them up into groups of two or three and placing them on the outdoor beverage table, adding a bit of whimsy?  Thoughts?

By the way, it is like Christmas in August right now for me!  All of the packages from Etsy have been trickling in over the past couple of weeks, and it has been great fun opening them up and seeing all the wedding lovelies.  Yippee!

Friday, August 5

Friday finds from Etsy

don't you adore the vintage charm of these tiny tin teacups?
this pedestal tray would look lovely on the counter...

a porcelain berry basket! too cute!

pretty cotton 'postcard' purse - perfect for make-up when travelling

this dress is so dramatic and gorgeous! and it has a draped back!

Well, happy Friday to you!  Are you looking forward to the weekend?
You know what? I wish that here in North America we called cupcakes 'fairy cakes' like they do in the UK..I think that I might just have to start because its just too darling not to!
And that's what I would place on top of that sweet vintage stand from above...fairy cakes!

Tuesday, August 2

a tuesday that feels like a monday

Hi {lovely} people!

Here is a sweet and fun little quote...

Loved all your kind thoughts on the mason jars.  Just goes to show how much love there is for the simple, charming jar!  So it's Tuesday, but feels like a Monday as we just came off of a long weekend.  Wish every
weekend could be a long weekend.  Now how great would that be?  Have a bit of a busy week coming up, but I just did the count and it is 28 days
until we leave for NY.

Hooray for that!

Wishing you a happy week!


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