Monday, August 15

help me find a paint color?

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I have long wanted to paint the front door of our home, and finally
I am going to get on it! 
(insert husband's eye-rolling here as I've been saying this for years a bit, but between you and me, I really mean it!)
I adore the look of painted front doors, I love the instant charm and personality that little detail adds.

I remember years ago my Mother-in-Law painted her wooden front door a rich, shiny black and it looked absolutely beautiful. 

And so I'm tossing around colors at the moment. 
Originally, I had wanted to go with a red for the door, more of a raspberry red than say, a brick red.  But after pouring through magazines, paint decks, and searching on blogs, I'm now thinking a pretty, soft aqua like the last image could be lovely too.  I thought I may as well put it out there to the wonderful world of blogland, to see perhaps if any of you had a good color recommendation?  And if it helps, our home is painted a dark gray (weathervane by para paints).

Curious, is your front door painted? 


  1. We need pictures of your brick, siding, stucco etc and the front of the house......then we can advise.

  2. How exciting! That last image is of Miles Redd's front door and it's been a favorite of mine I'm kind of bias and think you should go with that one! I've always wondered what paint he's kind of a pale robin's egg is some pictures and a bit more grayish aqua in others...very curious to know!
    There's a dark gray cottage with white trim in our neighborhood and it has a bright yellow door, it's pretty neat too...wishing you the best of luck!!
    Happy picking...and remember, it's just paint!
    xo J~

  3. Love the yellow door, grey and yellow just sing out loveliness...I also love the aqua but I feel it needs all the silver trimming to hold the importance of being a front door! might be a tough colour to have if the front door receives a lot of sun.
    Still love the raspberry! yum!

  4. Oooooooh, that is a tough one! My front door used to be black and I LOVED it ... but after a few years I painted it a dark sage green and I loved it ... then I painted it red and I LOVED it ... now I am thinking of painting it a navy blue ... I think I will love that too! Even though it is a hassle - my point here is - change it up! You will probably love whatever you do and then you'll want to change it up again! The soft aqua sounds great! ;)

  5. I have a rental property right now, but my landlady is a doll and lets me change whatever I like. My project for the end of summer is to paint the front door and I'm going with a shiny black! Should be beautiful! Good luck choosing your color. Whatever you go with will look great!

    (I'm also your newest follower!)

  6. Those yellow doors at the top are just beautiful! I like the aqua colour at the bottom too. Thanks for entering my giveaway! Hugs, em xx

  7. I always love to see a house with a colorful and inviting entrance. Picking colors can be daunting. The aqua you're contemplating is beautiful....but what color is the rest of your house?

  8. I love the yellow door! I also like the dark doors. Our front door is a black door and it looks nice although it's getting a bit scratched up by our kidlets. : )

  9. Love, love, love the yellow, a little bit of country charm. Glossy black is also beautiful with black urns out front. Good luck! I am sure whatever you choose will be lovely.

  10. Red front doors are welcoming, so too is a deep rich green, yellow is fine when new but soon looks messy, pastel shades give a hint of coldness behind the door, whereas a mid blue to dark blue gives a hint of class!

    The very best of luck to you!

  11. I love the last door - grey-ish green/blue? It looks inviting and classy... failing that, gloss black is a beautiful choice I think :-) Have a lovely weekend xo

  12. The first picture is so beautiful.. black door are super cool as well. I'd probably go for black!


  13. I love the soft aqua! That is the color we painted our front + back porch ceilings. Our front door is painted a deep bronze.

  14. I love the Aqua one best! Such a pretty color. I would love to paint my door that color too!

  15. Thanks for all the great comments! I've been madly running around the past few weeks and have been unable to reply! I love what A Heron's View wrote about red being welcoming...that's exactly what I want the door to say...'Come in, Friends'.


love to read your thoughts!


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