Monday, August 8

I am pinwheel happy!

Yep, completely pinwheel happy!  They make me smile.
And if they whirl, well, even better.

I've ordered paper pinwheels for the upcoming wedding, one for each of the 9 children that will be there, and I was searching ways to display them when I came across all the delightful images from above.  I hope that they will be a hit with the kids!  Still am not sure how to have them displayed up until the children run up to take one...maybe just in a simple, galvanized bucket as a centerpiece at the kids table?  Or perhaps not unlike image 4, dividing them up into groups of two or three and placing them on the outdoor beverage table, adding a bit of whimsy?  Thoughts?

By the way, it is like Christmas in August right now for me!  All of the packages from Etsy have been trickling in over the past couple of weeks, and it has been great fun opening them up and seeing all the wedding lovelies.  Yippee!


  1. Pretty pretty pretty! I just LOVE these photos! Pinwheels are so adorable. I think they would look so pretty in a galvanized bucket all together. So sweet. : )

  2. How fun these are going to be...they just make you smile! I think either spot would be a great place for them...I know, that's not much help - sorry, but they would! do you think the kids could leave them be? I'd be so tempted to grab one...especially if it's spinning, maybe the beverages then...but I'd want to grab one from there too...sorry! ;)
    Happy 'Christmas'...
    xo j~

  3. Oh they will definitely be a hit with the kids! Great images, great idea ... SOOOO fun!!!!

  4. Hi sweetie,
    I think the pinwheels look cute the way they randomly set out. Whatever way you do them it will look fabulous, because your party decorations always do. You always make everything look soooo pretty!!! Just like you!
    Love you,

  5. What a happy thought...pure joy ...they go into the category with pom poms..."things you can't be in a bad mood around"

    Hugs and enjoy this amazing wedding...sounds adorable.

  6. Can't wait to see all the posts of the wedding!
    Might be too late for this idea...but how about attaching a pinwheel to a bottle of cream soda for each of the Jone's Cream Soda you can order custom labels...send them a photo's of the kids (I'm sure everything can be done online) and they make a custom label for the bottle...the cream soda's come in all flavour/colours! super fun!

  7. Beautiful photos. I love windmills too. I love the ideas of incorporating them into bouquets and decor too. They make me smile! Big hugs, Em xxx


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