Tuesday, August 2

a tuesday that feels like a monday

Hi {lovely} people!

Here is a sweet and fun little quote...

Loved all your kind thoughts on the mason jars.  Just goes to show how much love there is for the simple, charming jar!  So it's Tuesday, but feels like a Monday as we just came off of a long weekend.  Wish every
weekend could be a long weekend.  Now how great would that be?  Have a bit of a busy week coming up, but I just did the count and it is 28 days
until we leave for NY.

Hooray for that!

Wishing you a happy week!


  1. Hi!

    The quote made me LOL. Aren't diamonds a girls best friend :-)!

    Have a lovely day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  2. Hi Trish, just found your blog today via Madelief and am so glad I did, it's beautiful. I love peonies too, and roses, jasmine, any flowers at all really! Em x

  3. Definitely my philosophy Trish!
    Roses are diamonds!

  4. What a cute quote and for me it is so true. Hugs. xoxo

  5. That's the best quote...I so agree!!!
    Have a terrific rest of the week Trish...hope the sun is shining in your part of the NW world...it is here, finally!
    xo J~


love to read your thoughts!


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