Friday, August 5

Friday finds from Etsy

don't you adore the vintage charm of these tiny tin teacups?
this pedestal tray would look lovely on the counter...

a porcelain berry basket! too cute!

pretty cotton 'postcard' purse - perfect for make-up when travelling

this dress is so dramatic and gorgeous! and it has a draped back!

Well, happy Friday to you!  Are you looking forward to the weekend?
You know what? I wish that here in North America we called cupcakes 'fairy cakes' like they do in the UK..I think that I might just have to start because its just too darling not to!
And that's what I would place on top of that sweet vintage stand from above...fairy cakes!


  1. And you can hang little Christmas lights too as the Brits call them fairy lights.

  2. Fairy sweet! ;) I've never heard them called that before...I love too and think a fairy cake revolution should begin ASAP!
    Love the little tea cups and the berry basket...and the purse, and the...well, you get the idea!
    Have a wonderful weekend Trish...hope it's a sunny one!
    xo J~

  3. The next time you make them Trish, cut a very thin slice from the top of the cake, and then cut it in half. Put a dollop of dreamy, butter icing where the slice was and place the cut halves sticking out of the icing. Then your fairy cakes will have wings!
    Yes...definitely, fairy cakes from here on in!

  4. oooooooh I remember fairy cakes...and even made them in cooking class at school just the way J. describes.
    Love the pretty 'tin cups' I think they would be lovely to have whenever I go Glamping!
    (p.s. Bernstein and Gold have those porcelain berry baskets)

  5. I love the idea of 'fairy cakes'. How sweet is that! I especially like the oh so pretty teacups and that dress! Wow! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  6. What a lovely post and I am off to check out Etsy.

    I am also a new follower.
    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

  7. Such those teacups to find out more about them!

    Hugs for a great week my friend.

  8. Raz ~ They call them fairy lights!? I love that too! xo

    Jessica ~ Ok, it's starting with us then! From this point on... xo

    Jacqueline ~ What a fun idea! The boys would love that, especially your cake boy! xo

    Victoria ~ B & G has them? Are they as cute in person? I might just have to come visit you and pick one up! xo

    Sheri ~ Glad that you loved some of these things too! xo

    Laura ~ LOVE the name of your beautiful blog! I spray paint a lot of things white myself! xo

    Koralee ~ I think those teacups were a hit with everyone! xo

  9. Hello, thank you for following my blog. If you make cakes with wings as Jacqueline has said, you can call them butterfly cakes, that's what we call them in the UK! Thank youf ro your lovely comment on Mimi and Tilly. I love the tea cups too! Em x

  10. Trish...what I wouldn't give to bake fairy cakes for my cake boy...and Master Jack too!


love to read your thoughts!


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