Friday, August 12

Friday finds from Etsy

oh, i want this armchair for the lake house!
(ok, i so don't have a lake house, but if i did, i would want this!)

i love me some gray and white stripes!  a classic messenger bag

'paris is a feeling' photograph!  i agree!

look at this guy!  the fact that someone created this with
their hands and some wool amazes me, truly!

because i would share with you!

happy friday, happy weekend guys!

xoxo for now!


  1. A truly beautiful post. I have never seen a knittted cover on an armchair. That is so unique.
    Your blog is beautiful. I am your most recent follower and look forward to your visit -
    My best
    Helen xx

  2. I do love that chair....I can may take a few years, but I could do it!

    As a felter, I know that elephant must have taken a huge amount of time. It is gorgeous.

    Have a great weekend


  3. Chania...if you even find the pattern for that chair...I would help!

  4. Oh my friend...these are amazing. Please tell me where you found those ice cream spoons...I must have them....Hugs. xxoox

  5. "oh, i want this armchair for the lake house!
    (ok, i so don't have a lake house, but if i did, i would want this!)"

    ~ you made me laugh really loud with that quote! hahah too cute. I agree, that chair looks like the coziest thing ever!
    thanks for the giggle!

  6. All of these items would be perfect for the lake house...especially if the house is on a French lake!
    I need to find out more about that bag...
    xo J~

    (Left you a daisy reply...I'm a lazy daisy one as well! ;)

  7. Such great finds and - as soon as I have one - that arm chair is going into my Alpine log cabin ;-) The spoons, however, might be a bit more achieveable right now ;-)

    Sorry I haven't been roudn for a while, visiting again just highlights what I've missed :-) Love from London xo

  8. luv, luv,luv the chair! So cozy!
    I knitted a throw once, which I still have ... it took me two years of knit one - pearl two ... pearl one - knit two ... nearly went crazy! LOL
    Always a lovely place to visit here

  9. Helen ~ Thank-you for your kind words and the follow, it's lovely to have you here! I'm off to visit you! xo

    Raz ~ You are like a modern day renaissance woman! You knit, felt, design, photograph, all among other things!...I need to learn a thing or two! xo

    Jacqueline ~ You knit too? Ok, I really should teach myself...perhaps this winter...xo

    Koralee ~ Click on the word 'because', it will take you right to them! xo

    Sheri ~ But it would be so wonderful, wouldn't it? A lake house, beach house, I'd take any 'get-away' house! *sigh* xo

    24C ~ I love that bag too! But no purchases for me these days with NY in the horizon! xo

    Mlle Poirot ~ An Alpine log cabin sounds like a dream too! xo

    Victoria ~ So cozy, I know! And I love that throw of yours, still looks beautiful!


love to read your thoughts!


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