Wednesday, July 27

got to get busy making...

a whole lot of these...!

I have my wire and tools ready, now just need to go and pick up about 2 boxes of simple, clear canning jars.  Original plan was just to have candles inside, until I saw the photo above!  Now it's a mix of the two!
  I love the idea of seemingly floating blooms hanging there amongst the candlelight!  And as it turns to dusk! 

How pretty, right?

So yes, I have to get disciplined! as I am at that point of the planning of a wedding. The hands-on, roll up your sleeves part, the not nearly as fun part as say, the sourcing for inspiration photos!

For the flowers inside the jars,
any thoughts on ones that will shine in a sweet jar display?



  1. These are simply stunning Trish! I can just see them hanging all around
    so beautiful...if you need some help, company and a glass of wine while putting them together I can come over any evening to me.

  2. Oh, yes please! That sounds absolutely wonderful! Wine makes everything just a bit better, doesn't it?

  3. Thank you for visiting/commenting/following my blog! A fellow Canadian, I'm so excited to 'meet' you. I love your blog, your photos are so lovely!
    Can't wait to look around. : )
    Oh and these hanging jars with the blooms inside are SO gorg! I might have to try that. Dahlias or a really full type of rose would look so pretty!

  4. that is SUCH a cute idea!!! and great idea to mix the candles with the flowers ... it will be beautiful!

  5. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful, and extremely talented, best friend and wedding planner! I cannot wait for our special day to see all of your lovely touches. I love the sneak peeks in your blog.

  6. So wish I could pop in to help! Looks like it will be a beautiful wedding with all your sweet little touches. You are going to have the best time! I spent this morning pouring over wedding blogs and pics, they have the best decorating ideas. I can easily spend hours getting lost in wedding details!

    Don't know when your wedding is, but I love dahlia's. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

    Have fun putting your vases and candle holders together. You are going to be a pro!

  7. These are really me ideas for a pickles and ice cream party I doing next week.

  8. How pretty! I love anything in a mason jar!

  9. oh, THAT is super pretty!
    I'm definitely doing the same thing!! You're righ, that picture is super inspiring :P


  10. Oh, and btw, I'm your newest (Spanish) follower!

  11. These are going to be absolutely beautiful...what a lucky bride! The idea of mixing it up with candles and flowers is brilliant...please be sure to take pictures...we *must* see!
    I think Peonies would be the lovliest flower to float of course!
    xo J~


love to read your thoughts!


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