Friday, July 15

Friday finds from Etsy

Looking forward to the weekend ~ although if today is any indicator it looks like it might be a wet, gray one.  Husband will be working nights, so it is
date night tonight for me and my boys.  We saw that Netflix has
'The Great Outdoors' so we will put that on later, and cuddle up with some pizza and popcorn.  Both my boys find good old fashioned, slap-stick humour hilarious, so I'm sure the bear scene will be a hit!

Off to the florist tomorrow to order flowers for the wedding.  We have purchased a lovely collection of milk glass bud vases and aqua blue mason jars that are waiting to be filled!  We have a general idea of the flowers we would like to have,
~ hydrangeas, cabbage roses, dahlias, snapdragons ~
and would love to have them in abundance, so here's hoping we can make that idea and the budget marry wonderfully together!

love the print and silhouette of this dress

aren't these pretty? I like using doilies and kraft paper for wrapping gifts

vintage classic Coach leather bag

'the lost button' necklace ~ charming idea!

a gorgeous hand carved pendant lamp

Wishing you a nice weekend!  Hope it's filled with some happy times!


  1. Love the Great Outdoors...such a classic! This is perfect(not) movie weather too, I'm sure your boys did a bit of cracking up!
    Have fun picking out flowers...such a lovely task!!
    xo J~

  2. Love that pendant lamp Trish! You might need to 'borrow' a few flowers from you MILs garden for that wedding!

  3. I'm thinking how lovely all of those 'picks' are ... and how wonderful they would all look together in one photo ... very beautiful!
    I'm loving the weekend so far ... even with the rain. Hot coffee, still cozied up in bed catching up on all the blogs I've missed for ages.
    I wish I did have some cutting flowers to give you! Although my hydrangeas are looking good! Must plant more perennials for next year!
    Have fun with the boys tonight! I'm off to see Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
    at the McPhearsen...I'll let you know about it tomorrow!

  4. 24C ~ Picking out flowers is such a lovely task, isn't it? And yep, movie was a hit! Eldest son was just cracking up, and belly laughter like that is a contagious thing! xo

    J ~ I also like that pendant lamp, it would add some drama to a room, no? xo

    V ~ Looking forward to your review from your evening at the theatre! Will be thinking of you this week and wishing you luck on your new adventure! xo


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