Monday, July 18

and it's monday, again

Always comes fast, doesn't it?

Stopped in for a play at the school park on Saturday afternoon to see if the new play area was being built.  Boys are sitting on the play structure that is scheduled to be taken down and replaced.  I don't know, it seems to me like it's got lots of life left in it still?  It's completely solid, in good shape, and kids enjoy playing around there.  If I remember correctly though, it's early retirement has something to do with pressure treated wood, which I admittedly know not much about. 
It was a nice afternoon, warmer and brighter than when compared to our gray, damp morning.

And a new necklace that my three boys gave to me on my birthday.! 
Turquoise always catches my eye, but particularly in the summertime.  The designer of the necklace is Leah Alexandra, she lives in the popular, beach side area of Vancouver called Kits Beach.  I love her jewelry, and thanks to my thoughtful guy now seem to have a growing collection of her pieces! 

And our visit to the florist went great!  Better than expected!  Her name was Maggie and she was such a pleasure to work with.  It is a fascinating thing to see someone who is so good at what they do, no? 
We showed her just a couple photos that we were using as inspiration for the wedding, talked a bit about color palette, then she excused herself to put something together from the cooler.  She returned with the prettiest bundle of flowers that was spot-on to our ideas.  It looked undone, in that beautiful way, and polished at the same time.  In pretty shades of pinks, plums, and blues, it looked like it had been picked from an English country garden. 
It was lovely! 
We fine-tuned the colors, removing any true-blue flowers from the mix and adding a bit of creamy white, and we were done.  One more thing to cross off the 'to-do' list! 
To steal a quote from Jacqueline, done and dusted!


  1. Love being able to see photos of my grand-nephews! Gorgeous boys...and I covet that necklace too Trish, even though I'm not a necklace-type of gal (bracelets are more my thing!).
    Who's wedding? (just being nosy). xox

  2. That's a gorgeous picture of your boys, really nice! I have to find those jars, they're fab too.

    Thanks so much for your lovely birthday message - Dylan really liked all the attention ;-)

    Have a good week xo

  3. Dear Trish,

    Congratulations on your birthday!! What a lovely present your boys gave you. Lucky you!

    I am glad the preparations for the wedding are going well. LOVE the turquoise jars!

    Happy day,

    Madelief x

  4. Such a happy summer post...your sweet boys know how you pick a great gift...happy belated birthday to you...hugs. xoxox

  5. Lovely necklace nice that your boys (all three)know you so very well! I too think summer and turquoise just go together...your turquoise looks quite delicate and very pretty, Leah's work is beautiful.
    Interesting musings about the playground just have to wonder about those things sometimes...the 'why' of it all.
    Happy the flower picking went so well...they really sound gorgeous, hope we get to have a peek at them sometime!
    xo J~

  6. J ~ It's my dear girlfriend's wedding! She's hired me to plan the wedding for her, and is leaving all the sweet, little details up to me! How fun, right?! xo

    Mlle Poirot ~ Aww, glad your boy had a wonderful day! xo

    Madelief ~ I adore the turquoise jars as well. Such a brilliant hue! xo

    Koralee ~ They sure do! Thanks for the b-day wishes! xo

    24C ~ I'm really hoping to get great photos so I can share! Perhaps from the wedding photographer herself, as I only have the camera on my iPhone...not the best is it? Though perhaps I just need to learn how best to use it... xo


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