Friday, July 22

Friday finds from Etsy

Happy Friday everyone! 
Sharing a few things that I am loving this week...

treated myself today to these gray cable gloves! ~il_570xN.196086701[1]

isn't this a charming way to say 'hello' ~

would love this tablet in the kitchen for little grocery items ~

pretty little brooch pin ~

a sweet pair of dove earrings ~

Enjoy your weekend lovely people!


  1. knitted July??...really?
    as beautiful as they are???

  2. Hahaha, woolly gloves in July - just says it all about this year's summer. I really like those earings too even though I'm more of a silver wearing person... Wishing you a lovely weekend (hope the weather cheers up for you) xo

  3. Love the gloves!!! They're perfect for the thundery & rainy day we're having today (you too?)...but they'll be even more perfect for winter...I think these are a must have!
    xo J~

  4. Jacqueline, you made me laugh! It is so true! But Mlle Poirot is right ~ it says it all about our summer this year!!
    They are coming from Turkey though, so hopefully they arrive just in time for fall! And I plan to wear them all winter 24C! xo

  5. Hi Trish,

    Love your earrings and those flowers in the little glass jars. They look really beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

    Happy weekend & lieve groet,

    Madelief x


love to read your thoughts!


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