Wednesday, March 23

a lovely day

Well, Spring is officially here and she reminded us today, here in little seaside Victoria, of just how lovely she can be.  It's a warm, beautiful, sunny day here and the boys and I didn't hesitate to take advantage of it.  Here are all "my boys" out on our walk to the park this morning.  Please note how they are all generally looking in the same direction.  This was no small feat!  I gave up on Bear looking at me too, his sitting and staying was the most I could ask of him! 

Happy, happy spring to you!


  1. Ouch!...rubbing salt in the wound Trish...we are in the grips of a late winter snow storm! Just when we thought it was safe to come out of hibernation...

  2. I love that photo! Little rascals!

  3. Awww they are so cute those boys, and the furry one!! ;) Hard to believe Lil Harry will join them in September at Lilypad :) Yay for Auntie Trish! xo

  4. That can't be true Amanda...Little Harry in a few months will be ready to join those boys! Hes going to have such fun at the Lilypad...and I think he just might be teacher's favourite!


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