Monday, March 7

me, Adele, and the open road

Arrived home safe and sound last night from a little road trip that took me three hours north to the town that I grew up in, and where most of my family still reside.  Spent this weekend with my Granny and my Aunt, who both live on the same beautiful piece of property.  My Aunt lives in the "big house" and my Granny lives in the cottage that is tucked away within a pretty country garden.  It was a lovely, leisurely weekend with no kids, no husband, no commitments, no are-we-there-yets.  Just me and my thoughts, Adele, and the open road.  I downloaded her new album, 21, before I left Friday evening and listened to it the whole way there and back. It is the soundtrack of my weekend.

The whole album is fabulous, she is fabulous.  If you have not already heard it, I do highly reccomend picking it up.  You won't be disappointed.

Track 11, Someone Like You, is one of those songs that for me I loved from the very first time I heard it.  Here is Adele performing this song at the Brit awards last month.  It is close to a six minute clip, but so worth your time! 



  1. I do love my car time too...I remember when James Blunt first came on the scene. I drove up North and must have played it 10 times...Glad you had some nice time away...when you have young ones, it is always great to get away, and always great to get back again.!

  2. Thanks for sharing this song by this very beautiful talented young woman (she's only 22!). I am going to buy her CD, because I don't know how to do the download thing!,yet! one day I will, I promise myself. My faith in the future generations is restored when I see young artists like her perform. Such talent, and grace is felt with every line she sings. and the announcer is right, no flashings lights, no thousand dollar stage sets needed...just her, her voice and a piano ...I love her too!
    Lovely to hear you had such a relaxing weekend with your granny and Aunt, it's wonderful to be in the company of great women!

  3. so was a much needed weekend, and yet I was so looking forward to returning. :)

    Victoria ~ I actually first heard and liked Adele when you would listen to her on your little stereo while you gardened...Jack still mentions that you like the song "chasing pavements" when he hears it. And I did not know she's only 22!

  4. Adele...isn't she brilliant...isn't she gorgeous! I.Love.her.too!
    Nice that you had a getaway Trish...Lindsay was 6 before I could give myself the treat of the getaway (stupid me!).


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