Wednesday, March 9

cake bunting...who knew?

I came across these cake buntings at KikiLaRu and I fell in love!  I had to have one!  I just love the idea.  I am a big fan of buntings and flags for any on a cake? 

Why, yes please! 

I had a hard time deciding on which bunting to get (there were so many choices!) but in the end went with pink roses. 

Here is the bunting on a red velvet cake I made for a Valentine's Day party that my sister and I hosted for all of our best girls.  I plan on using this bunting for many more celebrations to come!


  1. How lovely...I've never seen these before...they are so pretty.
    I can hardly wait...Jan 20... and I love coconut!
    (was that a little pushy?)

  2. I also bought one from KikilaRu for my daughter in law. I think they are aadorable....what a pretty new idea!

  3. Victoria, that made me laugh! It's a promise (though you may have seen it so many times by then that it might be a big yawn!).

    Razmataz, great taste thinks alike! ;)


love to read your thoughts!


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