Friday, March 11

Friday finds from Etsy

Sharing the Etsy love!  Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend.   Happy Friday!

adorable ruffled bottom, rose print swimsuit...

lovely way to end an Easter dinner ~
personalized, candy-coated, chocolate eggs...

fun print, pretty colors...

nothin' says summer like a bowl of fresh, local raspberries ~
5x5 kitchen print...

'buy local' screen printed flour sack tea towel...

perfect way to stay in touch ~
dandelion letterpress notecards...

xoxo for now!


  1. What a nice way to start a Friday! I love all of these!!

  2. Those candy treats look adorable...I must go check them out.

  3. Gorgeous...but I don't think that ruffled suit would fit me!

  4. I'm going to buy those little ruffles for a friend of mine whose granddaughter has just had a little baby girl...(yes little Ayla had a baby girl 5lbs, yesterday - so sweet!)
    Then I'm going to eat those raspberries because they are going to be my treat while I'm on this new diet...and as I eat them in my kitchen looking at my new La La Love poster, then i can dry my dishes with that lovely sack t-towel. And I am soooo looking forward to getting one of those personalized candy coated chocolate eggs (that I wont eat because I'm on a diet) that I will write a thankyou note on my new gorgeous notecards....well this has been a very expensive post!

  5. I see that you're going to become my very own personal shopper, well very own personal picker-outer! I just loved everything and agree with V. that this turned into a very expensive post! ;)
    xo J~

  6. So happy that something here caught the eye of everyone!
    I have to hold back sometimes on Etsy...I really could buy something everyday, there's so much to love!


love to read your thoughts!


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