Sunday, February 27

something pretty...

Can you imagine having the reason to wear this dress? 


The little girl in me just adores it.  It's silk doupioni which has the loveliest texture to me.  A dear friend of mine is getting married this September (a wedding that my sister and I are actually planning, how exciting!) in an intimate, outdoor ceremony and I'm so trying to convince her to go with this look. 

If only so that I can love it from a far!

How pretty is this?

And an indulgent over-the-top, but I love them!


  1. Sigh! make me just sigh to look at this...I'm voting a big YES to have your friend choose this for her wedding!

  2. I know! It's for Misty! ♥

  3. Misty will look sooooooooo beautiful in that dress!


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