Tuesday, May 31

just looking...

...and loving some of these pretty things from over at Emersonmade

such as this fabulous denim shirt ~

 and this cream and black tuxedo jacket ~

 this pretty seersucker blouse (just LOVE seersucker!) ~

 and these vintage-inspired denim jeans ~


  1. Love the jeans....I have never heard of Emerson made...will have to have a look.

  2. me too on the jeans. I tried the Gap version of the wide-legged jean this year, but it was a little too wide for me (that means my legs are too short to wear them!). This looks like a more pared-down version.

  3. I do like the blouse on third picture and that wide legged jeans!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  4. Emersonmade is my most favourite site...I love all of the clothes...and the flower accessories...that denim shirt is classic...love love love


love to read your thoughts!


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