Friday, June 3


We're going camping for the weekend!
Going to meet up at the lake with
some of our good friends for
some good times!
I'm so looking forward to it!
The cooler is packed, the forecast calls for sunny days,
and the boys are bouncing with excitement.
We'll be back on Monday afternoon
with the smell of campfire in our hair!

images via weheartit

Camping ~ you either love it or you hate it...

so, which camp are you in?

xoxo for now!


  1. Have fun!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  2. I've always wanted to love camping and have given it many a shot but all to no avail...a nice comfy cabin in the woods makes me happy though!
    Have a wonderful time...and watch out for those bears!
    xo J~

  3. I was forced into girl-guide-leadership-camping when the girls were little. Oh! So! not for me. I need my coffee in the morning!

  4. Hope the weekend was fun for wonderful the weather was glorious!
    I'm definitely going Glam-ping from now on...check it out over at
    Beauty in the Ordinary!

  5. Thanks Madelief, we did! xo

    24C ~ A cozy cabin does sound nice, I had forgotten how loud birds can be at 5am! Walls buffer that a bit, don't they?

    J ~ Ha! It's so true, it is nice to have the coffee around in the morning, particularly when there are kids running around so early!

    V ~ Weather was fabulous! Though I am all over glamping too! Love it!


love to read your thoughts!


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