Friday, June 17

Happy Father's Day weekend

Click here to download this free poster card. 
Isn't it fun?  There's a cute message when you read the colored words.

Over in my neck of the woods, we'll be celebrating this man on Sunday ~

We're just going to spend a quiet day around the house,
probably make him some mile-high pancakes in the morning. 

It's Dad though who is famous around here for his pancakes,
and my boys haven't failed to remind me of this! 
They have even subtly suggested we just make
eggs for him instead!

But whether the menu calls for eggs or pancakes,
this Dad deserves a special day
just for him.
He is a really good man, and an even better Dad!
No doubts about it!

Any fun plans in your weekend agenda?

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Thank you for loving my son! xoxo

    I think we should celebrate 'daughter-in-law' days!

  2. fabulous post!!!...passing by and already loving this beautiful blog!

  3. Have a wonderful Sunday with your pancakes....and you know we all appreciate the service of those man and women who serve and protect our country..thank you for being the woman who stands by this man.

  4. This is a sweetest post, loving both comments up here too !

    Enjoy a wonderful father's day xx

  5. What a lovely post, I hope you've had a great day today xo

  6. I love that downloadable card. Too bad I missed it this year,so I bookmarked it for next year! This is so creative! Hope the men in your life had a wonderful father's day!

    Thank you for joining StoneGable in the Mikasa Midnight Bloom giveaway! Good luck!

    Also, join me for ON THE MENU MONDAY, a weekly menu planning linky party beginning this Sunday !

  7. Hope your day was amazing...oh how I love husband makes the best ones as well. Something about a man making pancakes!

    Hugs for a great weekend.

  8. Thank-you all for the kind words and well wishes!

    In the end, we made French toast drizzled with a homemade muddled raspberry syrup and dusted with icing sugar, of course! Maybe these will be 'my' thing?



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