Saturday, May 28

just a random thought...

Did you know that if your name is Trish,
like mine just so happens to be,
the so-called intelligent iphone 4 text keyboard automatically
predicts and corrects
your name to Trash in messages?
Well, isn't that fun?
My Mom once told me that she had also wanted to name me Robyn. 
After receiving a few text messages lately where I have been called
(endearingly I like to believe)
I'm thinking Robyn sounds pretty nice!


  1. love your blog... glad to have visited :)

  2. There is a book on I phone corrections. Some are hilarious. I often get a chuckle out of what I have texted when reading it back later. Or people just reply with ???!!!

    Chania/razmataz (blogger wont let me sign in)

  3. hysterical Trash, I mean Trish!

  4. Don't you just love technology, Sweetie? Love you tons. xoxo


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