Thursday, May 19

i like this girl

Here is my pick for Cannes cutie ~ Rachel McAdams. 
I have a soft spot for her!  Of course I love that she's a fellow Canadian, and I also really like her in 'The Notebook'.  Enough said about that one, right?  Who didn't fall for Allie and Noah? 
I can watch that movie every single time it comes on TV. 
I think Rachel looks very pretty and happy doing the rounds in Cannes, promoting her new movie
'Midnight in Paris'

On a side note, I've been having great fun changing things up around here!  Still working through a few glitches...I cannot for the life of me figure out why the links remain blue and underlined?  Also cannot figure out why the new background doesn't show up on an ipad or iphone? 
Nonetheless ~
a little change feels fresh and good when you rearrange the living room furniture!


  1. She's adorable and I never get tired of The Notebook, cry everytime!

    I LOVE your new the linen look, very pretty!!!
    xo J~

  2. Trish, believe it or not I have never seen The Notebook,despite hearing nothing but great things about it. Maybe the next time I'm down we can do a girlie movie night and I'll bring the tissues. xo Mamasita.

  3. 24C ~ I cry too! The two of them in the hospital bed gets me everytime! And thanks for your kind feedback on the new look! xo

    Caroline ~ It's a date Mom! xo


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