Friday, April 29

Friday finds from Etsy

Happy Friday everyone!  There's wedding fever all around the world!  I can't imagine the frenzy in London, it just must have been sheer and wonderful madness, no?  And Kate's dress!  Loved.her.dress.  Wasn't it beautiful?  And Pippa's too!  Stunning!
Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend!

an exquisite custom headpiece ~

'just a girl' 8x10 print ~

a dreamy confection of tulle, silk, and lace ~

pretty fabric and pearl bridal necklace ~

vintage paper 'love birds' cake topper ~

a place for rings and things ~

jeweled cream and ivory keepsake bouquet ~

Are you feeling the love? ♥

xoxo for now!


  1. The dress was lovely and I thought the entire Royal Family looked fabulous......

  2. I watched, but not live...I stayed up too late to get up so early lol
    It was a delightful event.

  3. The wedding was was truly a fairytale come true...and yes, I most definitely felt the love!!! ♥
    xo J~

    (left you some tulip tips in my comments) :)

  4. Oh how I love weddings and all of your pretty wedding picks. I can hardly wait until September 10. I know that with your special touches and an incredible man by my side it will be an absolutely perfect day.

  5. Razmataz ~ yes, the brothers were handsome, no?

    oldgreymare ~ I watched in the morning too, though I did bolt out of bed. :)

    24C ~ Saw the tulip tips! Thank-you kindly! Glad that you too enjoyed the fairytale!

    Misty ~ Lovely to see you here pretty girl! And I am having a wonderful time planning your special day! ♥


love to read your thoughts!


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