Tuesday, April 5

pretty darn good brownies

If you are in need of a really good brownie recipe, look no further!  This is a keeper!  I thought I had my faithful, go-to brownie recipe but I have to say she's been replaced. 
You might recognize this recipe from the cover of February's Bon Appétit magazine where they are claimed to be 'best-ever brownies'.  I hesitated at first when I read the recipe over because it doesn't call for any melted chocolate just cocoa powder and I wondered, could they possibly be chocolatey enough?  They are indeed...they are fudgy, dense, with a deep chocolate flavor.  The recipe also calls for the butter to be melted and browned which adds a subtle nuttiness.
These were absolutely someone-hide-these-from-me delicious.  Got a hankering anyone?


  1. I just had some pretty nasty boxed brownies over the weekend (some are okay...these weren't!) and it really made me want to make some from scratch...so thank you Trish, perfect timing...I'll be definitely giving them a try!
    xo J~

  2. You are a temptress indeed Trish...another recipe I must try! I've seen your lean figure...do you actually eat anything you bake???

  3. You always bake such tasty treats! Lucky for me I often get to sample - looking forward to these some time ;) xo

  4. 24 C ~ Yes, some are good...I like the ones that come in the brown paper bag, but homemade always takes the cake! xo

    J ~ I really do, just lucky for the time being I suppose. Of course there was that time when I made a large jar of caramel sauce to keep in the fridge and I would sneak spoonfuls of it until I noticed it was almost empty...the jeans got a wee bit tight after that. :)

    A ~ I'll make a pan just for you love!

  5. I will have to come over and have you teach me how to bake these...I have never, and I really mean never, been able to bake a moist brownie!


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