Tuesday, April 12

a dreamy garden....

Country Living

On the topic of gardening, isn't this a gem?  It's rustic, it's homegrown, it has al fresco dining, and I am loving all of it!   My husband and I dream of someday owning beautiful property complete with a pretty farmhouse.  Well, okay so the pretty farmhouse is my dream but we both share the 'living in the country' dream. Someday, I hope. *sigh*.

While I was growing up, my parents had a wonderful piece of property out in the country, we lived about 20 minutes from town.  We had three acres that were filled with beautiful flower beds and vegetable gardens, a pond, ducks and a great big deck.  Many nights we were surrounded by our family and friends.  It's funny, back then I never had any appreciation for the property or the gardens, or all of the space we had.  I can actually remember being embarrassed at times, feeling like a little country bumpkin and longing to live in town, in a new home in a new subdivision, like all my friends did.  Gosh, I just shake my head at that now.  My parents no longer live in that house, it was sold years ago, but when my siblings and I drive back to the area we all have confessed to driving by 'our old home'.  I suppose we all can appreciate now having land like that.

Hope you enjoyed this garden too! 


  1. Everything here is dreamy...the whole layout, the fence, those dahlia's...just perfect! You'll have a beautiful garden one day I'm just sure! Sometimes it takes looking back to appreciate and create the future.
    xo J~

  2. I get nostalgic for my grandparents country home in England. How I wish I could go back in time and relive a day there.

  3. Don't wait Trish. Find in now, buy it now...find a way to make it happen now.

  4. Oh Trish...I can see you all in a setting like that...it has your name written all over it. And what an amazing gift your parents gave to you, even if you didn't appreciate it fully at the time, it doesn't matter, you do now. I have never met someone who has the capability as great as you do Trish, for manifesting what they desire.
    With clarity see yourself there, feel yourself there, and then let it come to you!
    It's out there waiting for you all.

    p.s. That lovely lady with the daliha's looks a lot like your sister!
    and wait, whats that' in the background...Yup...it's No.1 son tending his strawberries,
    No.2 son eating them!
    and I know I'm sitting at that table enjoying one of your fabulous meals!

  5. Very nice come to the hills of Virginia near Charlottesville. The countryside awaits and sell your wares at the farmer's market. Enjoy and keep those dreams alive. If the wonderful rain lets up I am going to plant my veggie garden!!!


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