Wednesday, April 6

an act of kindness

What a delight it is to open the mailbox and see a little package waiting there for you!  I was a lucky winner in a pay it forward giveaway draw over at Razmataz, and yesterday I received a package full of spring lovelies, for no reason but simply because she was forwarding on a little act of kindness.  I love it!

3 pretty cards with a bright, glossy photo on the front, left blank for a personal message, and 3 adorable clay tags (one little bunny with a teal ribbon was broken on his journey, but he was quite lovely too!).  When my husband walked into the room, saw the envelope, wrappings, and goodies, he rolled his eyes and asked me what I had ordered from Etsy now.  Well, little does he know about random acts of kindness!  Thanks ever so much Razmataz!

Here is a sweet bird tag doing a lovely job of dressing up a bottle of wine...she shall sit perched like this until I give her away at Easter time.


  1. I am so glad they arrived safely. Except for bunny boy :(

    Have a great evening,


  2. sweet! Congratulations!
    Love the bird tag...
    xo J~

  3. That Chania is a sweetheart!


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