Tuesday, April 26

Miss Kate Middleton

I must confess, I have fallen for the new soon-to-be princess, like so many others, and I am very much looking forward to the upcoming wedding.  I think Kate is just beautiful and I cannot wait to see the wedding dress she will wear.  She will be stunning!  I remember watching Princess Diana get married when I was just a small girl.  I can recall sitting in front of the TV with my sister, both of us in complete awe over her wedding dress with the seemingly neverending train.  I wanted so badly to be one of the flower girls!

I wish that I had a fabulous hat to wear to the royal wedding, even if I will just be watching from my living room.  There will be so many great hats in the crowd, I'm sure!  I wouldn't mind wearing this gorgeous one for the big day...

In anticipation of the wedding, Butter London has released a lovely limited edition nail polish, cheekily named 'No More Waity, Katie'.  It's a pretty greige shade with lilac glitter.  It looks fun!

I'm curious, will you be watching on Friday?  Are you too smitten with Miss Kate?  xo


  1. I am smitten. I think the world enjoys pomp and circumstance and the traditions of Royalty. To me it's a part of our history that I hope stays with us.

    Kate is beautiful. A perfect woman, educated and kind. I will be watching....in my jammies with homemade scones for sure.....

  2. Hello:
    We are delighted that the occasion is bringing you so much joy and excitement and we very much hope that the day will be a huge success for everyone. There our interest ends.

  3. Alarm will be set for 4am...champagne chilled...maybe a scone or two! Can't promise the hat...more likely a cuddly robe and fluffy slippers.

  4. Only a few more days... sooo EXCITING!!!

  5. Yes...I love the Royal couple...and although I'm not doing anything special to celebrate their wedding, no scones, no hats or champagne...and after reading your post J., about setting the alarm for 4am...which means 1am
    here on the coast, I'm not sure I will be watching either...might have to be a cup of tea and the re-run...oh well! I'm still longing to see her dress!

  6. It has been fun watching a smidge of it but I think for our news agencies to be so overwhelmed by it is a bit silly considering how much serious stuff is going on. I will see it on replay also. :D

    I had fun coming over to visit today and might I suggest that you put your email into your profile so that people can email you directly? I would have done so today after receiving your comment but you are listed as "no reply comment" and I thought perhaps you being new, were unaware of that..

    anyhoot enjoy the wedding!


  7. I'll have to watch it later on, with tea as I'm so not a morning person! I'm sure it will run over and over so I'm not to worried...although it would be fun to see it as it's happening.
    I wish them every happpiness...
    xo J~

  8. I am in love with this girl...she is adorable as can be. Yes...I will be watching!

    Thank you for your sweet comments you left me...so happy to have found you too.

    Hugs and happy watching...*sigh*


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