Friday, December 9

Friday finds from Etsy

I've long been smitten with the idea of a winter wedding.  When I was married we choose late September, but I think if I were to have a go at it again
(yes, to the same man!)
I just might choose wintertime.

love the way this black sash pops...

you are cordially invited...

a pretty pearl and black satin necklace...

and a charming winter cake topper...

the little black dress goes fancy...

a fun invite for the bridal shower...

Looking forward to the weekend.  I will brave the crowds and get some Christmas shopping done, then back home for some baking with my boys - toblerone shortbread being the first on the list.

And weekend plans for you?


  1. That cake is fabulous....I think I could do a winter wedding, but only in the mountains. Here in Toronto, it would be a grey slushy wedding.

  2. I love your choice of gown and black sash.
    Yes a winter wedding would be fun. I would do it all again too. We married June 27.


  3. Winter is such a magical time...perfect for love and marriage.
    Adore the dresses...both white and black.

  4. All such elegant & pretty choices...someone's in a very romantic mood!
    A winter wedding would be so beautiful...I think we all should have four for each season, as each contain their own unique & special delights!
    xo J~

    (never heard of toblerone shortbread - yum!)

  5. Joy joy joy..all this is stunningly beautiful...that necklace is adorable. xoxoxo HUGS

  6. These are sweet. I was married in September too.


  7. Oh my goodness, and when you do get around to having that winter wedding, please invite me! It's all so heavenly...

    Wishing you the most wonderful Christmas with your loved ones!

  8. You have such a pretty blog, I have left you something over on my blog.
    Happy Weekend.

  9. I like your blog! Great pics and great themes.
    Lovely hugs


love to read your thoughts!


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