Friday, December 2

Friday finds from Etsy

some things that caught my eye -

oh, yes please to the boots!...

A stylish wool sleeve for a macbook! love!...

pretty bell flower earings...

a bit of homespun holiday...

sometimes you just need reminding...

I do have a love affair with the color gray.  I think this secretly puzzles my mother who loves true, true color, not some dreary shade.  Her favorites are blues and greens, the colors of the ocean, just as her mother did before.

Happy weekend, happy December!


  1. Gray is just a shade of green or blue...just as you are a shade of your mother. Gray is warm and cool, happy and mellow, rich and subtle...never underestimate gray...never underestimate you.

  2. Love the cute boots and the sweet to see your fabulous picks again!! ♥
    xo J~

  3. G - gorgeous, R - radiant, A - awesome, Y - you!

  4. Trish some really great finds!!Those earrings are so sweet!! It is so fun to find special gifts on Etsy!

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    Art by Karena

  5. Yes, grey! I'm the same, greys, blues, greens - my kind of colours. I will have to track down that macbook sleeve, it's just gorgeous. You have some really great finds here.

    Have a lovely week xo

    PS: I have a little giveaway on my blog you might be interested in? xo

  6. adore the earrings and grey is one of my favourite non-colours too!



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